Minneapolis Eagles #34 (Friday, November 2)
2507 E. 25th, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Elsie's Restaurant (Saturday, November 3)
729 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413-1842

Dulono's Pizza (Sunday, November 4)
607 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408-2914


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2012 artists (click on artist for bio)

(in alphabetical order)


Florian Chmielewski


Chmilewski Fun Time Band


Duo Almskaffee - Eric Ray & Jenny (Roehl) Schultz


Lynda Griffith


Patrick Harison


Dee Langley


Randy McPeck/Castle Accordion


Denny Malmberg


Dan Newton


Polka Fusion with Nick Chmielewski and Jake Bastyr


Mark Stillman


Hank Thunander


Dan Turpening



Artists Biographies (in order of appearance)

Dee LangleyDee Langley

Dee Langley is an award winning musician and composer that specializes in both solo and ensemble works for the accordion having appeared with the Minnesota Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Ancia Quartet, Minnesota Sinfonia, Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, Northern Symphony Orchestra, Ethnic Dance Theatre and Flying Foot Forum. Ms. Langley is winner of the 2012 Minnesota Emerging Composer Award (World Music), the 2011-2012 McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians and is a former president of the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International. Dee performs locally with Orkestar Bez Ime and is adjunct faculty at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) teaching accordion.

web site: www.airaccordion.com
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Florian Chmielewski
Recipient of the 2012 NEAF Lifetime Award
In 1989, the “Chmielewski Family Funtime Band” swept the Minnesota Music Academy for three consecutive years by winning nine out of eleven awards in the polka field. The leader of the band, Florian Chmielewski was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame (New Ulm, MN) in 1994, and into Ironworld Discovery Center Polka Hall of Fame (Chisholm, MN) in 1995.
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Chmielewski Fun Time Band

Since 1882, the Midwest’s most well known entertainers, the Chmielewski Family, have been synonymous with polka music. Over 100 years later and into five succeeding generations, the Chmielewski Family music has never stopped.  In 1989, the “Chmielewski Family Funtime Band” swept the Minnesota Music Academy and for three consecutive years dominated by winning nine out of the eleven awards in the polka field. They produced over 1800 television shows broadcast throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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Dan NewtonDan Newton
Since 1987, accordionist Dan Newton has been dazzling audiences everywhere with his sparkling skills and vast repertoire. A performance by Dan is like a one-man festival of world music. With a command of styles ranging from French Musette to Latin and Tex-Mex, Cajun and Zydeco to Blues and Swing, and Celtic to Country, Dan proves to be no ordinary accordion player. He uses his astonishing squeeze-box prowess to support a warm, inviting vocal style and seasons his performance with stories that are both humorous and enlightening.
web site: www.daddysqueeze.com/
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Polka Fusion with Nick Chmielewski & Jake Bastyr

Nick: Fusion, or Polka Fusion, is more of a concept than anything. It is the name of my band that I hope to create someday. It is what I would like to call the ideal variety band, with the ability to play all syles of music including: polish and slovenian polkas, swing, rock, country, hip hop, etc. Hence the name Fusion. Currently the band consists of Jake Bastyr and myself, playing polkas, country, waltzes, and fifties music.
Jake: When Jake was 10 years old, he begged his parents for an accordion. They gave him $50, eased the restrictions on E-Bay and let him have at it. That first accordion wasn't even in playing condition, but that didn't deter Jake and a career was born. He's been learning, playing and repairing accordions with a passion ever since. At the age of 16, Jake started getting gigs that has stretched him even further. Stop by The Castle and see Jake for your repair needs including custom MIDI & audio outfitting, tuning diagnostics (including detailed prinout) and concertina repairs. He's a young man that already knows his way around the shop!

web site: nickchmie.webs.com
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Randy McPeckRandy Mcpeck/Castle Accordion
Randy began playing accordion around age 8 Studying at Professional Music Center. Randy's accordion went in the closet when he was 12. He rocked and rolled until the mid 80's when he dicovered a treasure hidden in his closet; His Accordion!!! Randy opened Castle Accordion and enjoys playing Cajun, Irish & Polka music on his accordion.
web site: www.castleaccordion.com
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Lynda Griffith
From Duluth Area, Minnesota:
Playing Well - Discover the new book Playing Well, Prevention & Biomechanics of Musician Injuries. Playing Well is centered on issues that pertain to accordionists, concertinists and bandoneonists although the principles and techniques explained are appropriate for all musicians hoping to avoid or seeking help for injury. Meet the author Lynda Griffith, Doctor of Physical Therapy, accordionist, accordion repair technician, and manual therapist specializing in biomechanic analysis and treatment of injuries to musicians.
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Dan TurpeningDan Turpening
Daniel Turpening is a Minneapols-based musican specializing in accordion performance and repair. He is a certified Accordion Repair Technician and a teacher at the West Bank School of Music. Daniel has studied extensively with renowned teacher Dr. Helmi Harrington and attended accordion festivals in Moscow, Russia and Chicago, IL. He performs at weddings, parties, plays and puppet theatres. Daniel also enjoys sharing his love of music as a street performer and performs in this capacity at every opportunity.
web site: http://www.turpening.com/
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Mark StillmanMark Stillman
Mark Stillman is a Minnesota-based musician who specializes in international music. He studied at the University of Minnesota and found his beginnings as a classical percussionist while performing with the University of Minnesota Orchestra, Minneapolis Civic Orchestra, and the Bloomington Symphony. He later came into his own as a freelance accordionist who specializes in ethnic music, playing various types of traditional European and American music.
web site: members.tripod.com/MStillman_accordion/
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Patrick HarisonPatrick Harison
Born to a goldsmithing accordion player and a ballet teacher, Patrick Harison grew up in a home full of art, music and dance. His father encouraged him to pick up the accordion at age 13. The heart of his musical education took place on the bandstands of Minnesota's bustling music scene working with artists as diverse as Connie Evingson, Coach Said Not To, Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble, Mandragora Tango Orchestra, Parisota Hot Club, John Devine, Sam Miltich, Mark Kreitzer and countless others.
web site: www.patrickharison.com
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Denny Malmberg
After 31 years of high school Band directing, Denny's put on a new hat as a performing jazz musician. He's had the great pleasure of working with many of the stellar musician's in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area including but not limited to: vocalists; Jose James,Charmin Michelle, Rhonda Laurie, Dennis Spears, Maud Hixson, Dorothy Doring, Vicky Mountain, Betsy Barta, Lee Engele & instrumentalists, Doug Haining, Pooch Heine, Dale Mendenhall, Larry Malmberg, Dick Ramberg, Rick Carlson, Nathan Norman and Dale Mendenhall.
web site: www.myspace.com/dennymalmberg
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Eric Ray & Jenny (Roehl) Schultz

Eric Ray and Jenny Schultz have been playing together since 2004, performing the traditional instrumental music of the mountainous regions of upper Bavaria and Austria.  Utilizing traditional instrumentation of Steirische Harmonika, a type of diatonic button accordion, and Salzburger Hackbrett, a type of chromatic hammered dulcimer, the duo performs melodies in many of its traditional forms.  These include Boarischer, Landler, Mazurka, Marsch, Polka, Walzer, Zwiefacher, as well as other melodic forms, which have formed the basis for social dance and listening music for centuries.  The name Almkaffee is taken from a re-occurring motif in many traditional folk songs that refers to a strong drink made with black coffee and distilled spirits, traditionally served in the setting of the high meadow, known in German as der Alm. 

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Hank ThunanderHank Thunander
Hank began his musical career at the age of nine in a small town in Bessemer, Michigan. Recognized for his achievements, Hank was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his outstanding leadership and performances in Special Services Entertainment. Hank has repeatedly awestruck crowds with his various styles of music at night clubs, festivals, casinos, ballrooms and theme parks throughout the U.S. His extraordinary talet includes a cast number of ethnic themes, big band, polkas, old-time, country, 50's-60's-70's, standard, light rock, classical melodies, spiritual, patriotic and holiday tunes.
web site: www.wirthentertainment.com/hank_thunander_polka.htm
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The NE Accordion Festival is proud to honor our 2012 sponsors and community friends

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