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Accordions & Other Free Reeds


Area Dealers and Repairs
Accordion & Concertina Music Burnsville, MN & Superior, WI
Brown's Music New Ulm, MN
Castle Accordion Minneapolis, MN
Mahler Music Center St. Paul, MN
Baldoni Accordions Menomonee Falls, WI

Care, Maintenance, Evaluation, Repair
Care of your Titano accordion Care tips from one of the biggest names
Fifteen tips for accordion health From Boaz Accordions
Wendy's squeezebox pages Repair, maintenance, shipping, value of your accordion
Ike's Boxpital Care, repair, buying a used accordion
Patching concertina bellows
on accordion tuning & repair

Minnesota Teachers & Instructors (if you should be listed here, let us know!)
Dealers (see above) often also teach.
Dee Langley, Minneapolis
Paddy O'Brien, Minneapolis Irish button box

Minnesota performers (if you should be listed here, let us know!)
Chulrua Traditional Irish band
Finn Hall Traditional Finnish-American
Patrick Harison
Dee Langley
Dan Newton and Cafe Accordion Orchestra
Machinery Hill
The Osacho Sisters
Mark Stillman
New Riverside Ramblers Cajun band

Music sources: ABC (good source of trad. music, but not specific to accordion)
John Chambers' ABC Primer
The ABC Home Page
ABC Tune Finder
Richard Robinson's Tunebook
Falaleiro German folk band, large collection of international folksong lyrics/midi/abc, many links
ABC Convert-a-matic converts ABC to MIDI or dots
Ceili House Band Tunes Irish folk music as lead sheet and abc

Music sources: Sheet music (may not be accordion-specific, but music for any "C" instrument should be ok) Jeroen Nijhof's Accordionlinks has many links, even LOS ;->
Cincinnati Klezmer Project Some free scores
CeilidhSoc Celtic tunes in pdf and abc formats Virtual tunebook and other resources
Concertina Music Extensive collection of sheet music with Chemnitzer tab
Traditional Tune Sourcebook Richard Darsie's collections (Irish, with some English, Scottish, American)
Duke University Historic American Sheet Music Collection Original compositions in pdf and MIDI, and more (in Italian, but once you know that "download" is the same word in Italian you'll figure it out)
Folkets Hus Scandinavian folk music, indexed by type of song, author, pdf and midi (in Danish, aren't you glad music is a universal language?) has many links, incl. accordion, concertina, and ensemble music.
Indiana University Lyrics Links Some also have sheet music and other things
Guitar Primer has many trad and jazz pieces, as well as theory that applies to accordion as well as guitar German and world folksong lyrics, some with music or MIDI
Ivo van der Putten Several hundred pieces in pdf format: trad. music, dances, sea chanteys, lyrics. In Dutch, but look around, you'll figure it out
Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music American pop from 1780 on, incl. scores for much before 1923
Archive of Finnish Folk Music Some 9000 songs, indexed by type of song, locale, meter, etc., with midi and Scorch versions.
American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress
Mad for Trad Traditional Irish, look under "tunes" for both notation and midi.
Mandragora Tango band with downloadable pdf collection of tango music transcriptions, including many Piazzolla
Missouri Fiddling Some old-time fiddle music, both lead and harmony
Musica Viva Free Sheet Music Go to accordion page and search on blank for accordion arrangements
MusicForAccordion Books, recordings, and e-mail delivery of sheet music for sale.
MusiciansRoom ebooks fakebooks: blues, standards, Latin, pop/rock, very large pdf files
My Sheet Music Most for sale, but some are free
Russian folk & classical In Russian, but you can see English filenames if you hover over the links
Schoeller Web klezmer arrangements for ensembles. No written accordion parts, but take your pick of the C-instruments
Seventh String Fake Book Index Tells you what fake book it's in (mostly jazz standards) Celtic group with much online music
Klezmer & Jiddische Folklore has downloadable arrangements (mostly klezmer, but not all) in various formats
Contra dance music (reels, jigs, etc.) from "Spuds"
Todo Tango sheet music, lead sheets, lyrics, and everything else (Argentinean) tango
Tune book for folk musicians scores, tab for guitar/treble English concertina/McCann duet
Tradfrance Traditional music of France, dances (scores, lyrics, and RA), videos, etc.; mostly in French but pretty self-explanatory Music library, from Stephen Foster to rugby tunes
NoteWorthy Composer Scriptorium extensive (and searchable) collection in NWC format
Primo Tema Italian publisher of accordion/piano music, midi, free sheet music mailing list

More Sheet Music Links
sheetmusicweb sheet music links

Sheet Music Dealers (don't forget other music dealers, too) Dealer, much of the music can be downloaded.
Ernest Deffner Publications Accordion music & accessories Online dealer, extensive database and song locator
JANPress Publisher of music and other accordion material, also see their "learning center"
Fred Dunn's Accordion Home Page Compositions by Fred Dunn
S.P.M.E. Editions Russian accordion music publisher (catalog in English))
Musicastampata Italian dealer (search their site for category=accordion)

Music Sources: MIDI (some music software can convert this to a score)
Bob's MIDI files
Brede's Accordion Tango MIDI File Collection
Brede's Accordion MIDI 2002 More MIDI from Brede
MIDI sources and search engine
vanBasco MIDI/karoke search engine

Music Theory & Education
Jazclass scales, chords, reading, jazz theory
Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory CD course, some free lessons online Online "ear training" course
Ricci Adams' Music theory, ear & note trainer, pretty basic but well done
teoria Another music theory site Basic music drills in Java (note reading, intervals, etc.)
Jazz Resource Center Theory, transcriptions, and more
USC Jazz Theory and Improv Examples
Cipher System CBA basics (both "B" and "C" system)
Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
Glossarist links to lots more music dictionaries
Berklee Shares Free music lessons from Berklee College of Music Much free info, aimed at songwriters
Fischl's Homepage Theory in German, "Online Keyboard" shows what note a European "H" is Another theory course; scales, time, scoring, multiple instruments
Big Bands Database includes "Virtual Piano Chords" chord/scale finder.. 7#9 in Neopolitan D Minor, anyone?
BoxTeacher Scottish PA teacher Kris Hughes' blog, lotsa "how-to"

Software & Recording Melody (shareware) and Harmony (commercial) Assistant notation/MIDI programs
PG Music Band-In-A-Box harmonizes, accompanys, does notation - MIDI oriented
Band-In-A-Box links
Roni Music Software to slow down music without changing pitch Much info on audio recording using your computer
Audacity freeware recording software Cakewalk, Sonar, and other home and studio creation and recording software High-end notation software, free browser plugin Vendors of commercial software, including Finale, Allegro, Sonar, Metro, BIAB, etc.
Finale notepad free notation program
Earpower educational software, very nice free metronome program
NoteWorthy Composer also free player and browser plugin

For our friends of the concertina persuasion Everything Chemnitzer: music, ads, clubs
Concertina FAQ Everything concertina, forums, articles, music, repair
The (Chemnitzer) Concertina Novice Chemnitzer concertina site
International Concertina Association
Don Nichols' Home Page Miscellany including history guides and closeups of internal construction.
Harry Geuns, Bandoneon and Concertina Maker
Homewood Musical Instrument Co./Tederow Concertinas

And the other free reeds..
Pat Missin's Home Page Much about harmonicas
Harmonica Online lessons, music, stuff to buy Free lessons, music, stuff to buy
Harmonicas & Stuff Some FAQs about harps and harp care.
Harp On! Home of the Chromatic Harmonica Reference, and many other harp links Piano keys and a mouthpiece, it's the P.A. version of a harmonica
Chandra & David's Homepage on Indian music (including the Indian harmonium)
Reed organs the heavyweight of the free reed instruments
Reed Organ Society
Jew's Harp Guild and the smallest, about as simple as a free reed can get
Dutch Jew's Harp Pages and dealer

It's Polka Time! with Craig Ebel Radio show & webcast
Accordion Radio All accordion music, all the time! From Live365
RootsWorld Home of the RootsWorld Free Reed Festival, Free Reed Radio, and other international free reed music.
Internet Polka Party with John Jeski.
Accordions Worldwide Large site, worldwide accordion news Accordion National News
All About Jazz Jazz magazine and resource
Intermusik German monthly accordion publication
Accordion Times International British magazine
Squeezeboxes on the Silver Screen Movies featuring squeezeboxes (and/or squeezebox music)
Polka Videos for the polka fans has Accordion Day e-greeting cards (some with the accordion upside down)

Organizations, groups, herds of accordionists
(Geographic groups)
American Accordionists' Association
Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International
Closet Accordion Players of America Publisher of CAPA Times
US Clubs Seems to include some Canadian clubs, too
Arizona Accordion Club
Chicago Accordion Club
Connecticut Accordion Association
East Texas Accordion Club
Fort Bend County Accordion Club (Houston TX)
Florida Accordion Association
Fontana Button Accordion Club California
Milwaukee Accordion Club
Oklahoma Accordion Club
Rose City Accordion Club Portland, Oregon
Salt Lake Area Accordion Club
National Accordion Association that's the Republic of Texas
Victoria Accordion Club BC Canada
Washington (DC) Metropolitan Accordion Society

(Cyberspace herds)
Accordions mailing list/yahoogroup with emphasis on Minnesota
Accordion Freedom Forum mailing list/yahoogroup, compulsory cheer and lots of music (much of it recordings by participants or scores) that changes very rapidly
Accordion Players Yet another yahoogroup.
Accordion Yet another yahoogroup, this one for button accordion players
Buttonbox There's no end to yahoogroups.
Cajun Accordion Discussion Group
Dave's Tex - Mex, Tejano, Conjunto Accordion Forum
Diatonic yahoogroup for button box players The free-reed newsgroup (access through your newsreader, access via a clumsy google interface here)
Twin Cities Accordion Syndicate Yet another yahoogroup (also in meatspace), for Twin Cities (Minnesota) players

American Accordion Musicological Society Philadelphia area in March
Cotati Accordion Festival California in August
Northeast Squeeze-In Massachusetts in September
International Accordion Festival Texas in October
NE (Minneapolis) Accordion Festival Minnesota in November

History of the accordion
A World of Accordions Museum Superior, Wisconsin
Guido Deiro and the history of the PA in the USA, incl. (sometimes incomplete) sheet music and some mp3s.
History of the Cajun accordion

Stuff we don't know where it goes Jeroen Nijhof's massive collection of accordion links
Polish-American Journal/Steve's Polka Page Polka links, including bands, squeezeboxes, etc.
Mediarare's squeezebox links
Indiana University William and Gayle Cook Music Library links to all sorts of music resources
Sibelius Academy Music school's links page ("accordion" is "harmonikka" in Finnish) General music search site (mp3s, websites, forums)
e-greeting cards for Accordion Day (Jan. 13)
Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century Ok, it's a 'blog, and it's only occasionally about accordions
Accordionplayers Forums, files, etc.
Hans Palm's Accordion Page Links, keyboard layouts, constructing chords, and other "useful information"
Big Nick's Cajun Button Box Seminar
Accordion FAQ
A Musician's Guide to the Tex-Mex Accordion Jax Delaguerre's online book
Musician's Guide to the Club System Accordion also by Jax Delaguerre CBAs, MIDI downloads, and more (in Italian)
The Classical Free-Reed, Inc. Classical, publisher of The Free-Reed Journal
Johann Pascher Building and tuning a diatonic
Petosa Accordions has a number of individual artist's pages on their website.
Noel Cragg's page accordion and concertina keyboard layouts
Reyes Accordions Tex-Mex accordion dealer, has chord/scale/progression charts for the 3-row
Squeezytunes a blog about "electromechanical and mechanical keyboard instruments"
Nydana's Accordion Resources chord combining, CBA vs. PA, the merits of different free bass systems, etc.

TC open stages open stages in the Minneapolis-St.Paul (Minnesota) area Much about busking (street performing)
Street Artists & Buskers Advocates What to do when the cop says "Move on!", plus history and pictures of busking

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NE Accordion Festival 2019

November, 9th

Waite Park Wesleyan Church

1510 33rd St. NE
Minneapolis, MN


November is...



Dee Langley



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