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NE Accordion Festival presents "Accordion Band Camp - Music from Poland and the Balkans"

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Squeezer’s Accordion Band

If one accordion(ist) is fun, the more the merrier. Don't forget to bring a music stand along with your accordion.

This great "pickup" band is for all levels and open to the public

Music, the greatest good that mortals know, And all of heaven we have below. – Joseph Addison

From NEAF Founder and Organizer, Dee Langley:

This video is of an old Swedish folk song named after the town of Venjan, Sweden. The melody has always reminded me of taking a long voyage far away from your land and loved ones, an unsure voyage never knowing if you would return. I affectionately call it “my Viking song” and imagine the stillness of the moments before a voyage begins when all words of farewell have been said, the deep emotion of the fading coastline and the still calm as one accepts the new beginning.