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Squeezers Accordion Jam Band

Level 1

Kiev Waltz (Ukraine)

Melody- Kyivsky_melody

Harmony- Kyvisky_harmony

Rhythm- Kyvisky_rhythm

Bass Accordion- Kyivsky_Bass_bass_clef

You are My Sunshine (USA)

Melody- You Are My Sunshine - Melody

Harmony- You Are My Sunshine - Harmony

Josephin's Dopvals (Finland)

Melody- Josefins Dopvals_Acc_1

Harmony- Josefins Dopvals_Acc_2

Rhythm- Josefins Dopvals_Acc_3

Bass- Josefins Dopvals_Acc_Bass_bass_clef

Praha Polka (Czech Republic)

Melody- Praha Polka-Melody

Harmony- Praha Polka-Harmony

Bass Accordion- Praha Polka-Bass Accordion-bass_clef


Squeezers Accordion Band

Level 2

Ferghana (Ukbekistan)

1st Accordion-  Ferghana_Accordion_1

2nd Accordion- Ferghana_Accordion_2

3rd Accordion- Ferghana_Accordion_3

Bass Accordion- Ferghana_ Bass_Accordion_bass clef

Latina (USA)

Accordion 1- Latina_Acc_1

Accordion 2- Latina_Acc_2

Accordion 3- Latina_Acc_3

Accordion 3 optional- Latina_Acc_3_opt

Accordion 4- Latina_Acc_4

Bass Accordion- Latina_Bass_bass_clef

Percussion- Latina_Percussion

Prince: 1999 ( USA - new for 2018)

Accordion 1- 1999_Acc_1

Accordion 2- 1999_Acc_2

Accordion 3- 1999_Acc_3

Bass Accordion- 1999_Bass_Accordion

Squeezers Accordion Ensemble

Level 3

Music of the Night (USA, with guest vocalist, Andrew Peterson)

Accordion 1- Music of the night_ Accordion 1

Accordion 2- Music of the Night_Accordion 2

Accordion 3- Music of the Night_Accordion 3

Bass Accordion - Music of the Night_Bass Accordion

Hoedown (USA, new 2018)

Accordion 1- Hoedown_Acc_1

Accordion 2- Hoedown_Acc_2

Accordion 3- Hoedown_Acc_3

Accordion 4- Hoedown_Acc_4

Accordion 5-Hoedown_Acc_5

Bass Accordion- Hoedown_Acc_bass

Timonya (Kursk region of Southwest Russia, new 2018)

Accordion 1- Timonya_Suite_Accordion_1

Accordion 2- Timonya_Suite_Accordion_2

Accordion 3- Timonya_Suite_Accordion_3

Accordion 4- Timonya_Suite_Accordion_4

Bass Accordion- Timonya_Suite_Accordion_Bass_bass_clef

Percussion- Timonya_Suite_Accordion_Percussion