NE Accordion Festival presents “Accordion Playdate 2017”

Interactive fun and education with the accordion. It's yours to play with!

There is no admission charged but donations accepted, give what you can.

3:00-5:00Accordion DiscoveryYesHow do you play this thing? Use our accordion for 15 minutes with an instructor. Open to anyone who is curious about the accordion. All ages.
3:00-6:00Photo BoothYesPhotographer on duty - have your picture taken with you accordion(s) or group. Bring a thumb drive if possible.
3:00-6:30PotluckNoAn accordion group favorite! Bring something to share or put money in the donation bucket and grab a plate.
3:00-6:30Open StageYesLet's play! Sign up for 15 minutes at a time, all levels and ages welcome. If there is an empty slot, play again or lead a jam!
3:00-7:00 Take-apart & Put-back TogetherNoThe tools are on the table, see if you can take the accordion bellows off or the grill off and then put it all back on again.
3:00-7:00 Mystery Accordion TableNoCan you figure out how to play this accordion?
3:00-7:00Color DeskNoWhat does the accordion mean to you? Why do you like the accordion? What kind of music do you like to play on the accordion? Color the paper accordion and place it on the Accordion Board.
3:00-7:30Squeezer's Accordion BandNoFor 30 minutes at the top of every hour is a play through of a band song. Band Music Link. Bring your own music stand please.

3:00 Amor del Bajo Corrales
4:00 Music of the Night
5:00 Russian Cossack Dance
6:00 Josefin's Dopvals
7:00 Tequila
7:30-8:00Clean UpNoEverybody pitches in to close the evening with a "clean slate".