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"Skeets", Rick, and Dee Langley

An Accordion Dynasty?

I come from what has been called "an accordion dynasty". I am not sure exactly what that means but it started somewhere around when this picture was taken.

The picture is of my two older brothers and me, what a trio! All three of us grew to be professional musicians on accordion. My brother, Rick moved to Florida and opened a music store/studio.His son, Ryan, has been performing on accordion with the "Gumbo Boogie Band" in the Tampa area for a number of years. "Skeets" and I continue to perform here in Minneapolis/St. Paul at all kinds of events although we lost Rick to complications from diabetes in 2000. However, I can still hear Rick in my heart whenever I play the song "Yellow Bird" for it was the first song he taught me by ear.

One of our teachers, Larry Malmberg (who only recently passed away) was performing around the Twin Cities at 85 years of age. The three of us were very proud of each other. Our special bond created this remark from Twin Cities journalist, Rod Smith:

Like brother "Skeets", former Larry Malmberg student and Orkestar Bez Ime member Dee Langley has made a lifelong passion of the accordion. Granted her mentor probably never imagined that she'd end up employing her hard-won skills in a nearly all-female quintet that specializes in Balkan folk music. Let alone one with a pronounced sense of humor. But hey, that's the free reed game! -City Pages

A dynasty? Oh yes, and a legacy for the accordion I hope to pass on to my promising students.

I hope you find interesting things on this site and from the links and I hope the new additions to AirAccordion inspire you to get your accordion out of the closet, or to buy one and start playing!

AirAccordion is dedicated to all those who love the accordion whether or not you have ever played one.

Warmest regards,

"Squeezer" Dee Langley
photo by Daniel Wovcha



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