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I think it rather funny that in order to share my music with people I also have to be not only computer literate but also my own tech support. I do say thank you to “Learn WordPress with Chris” for the excellent teaching and ideas. Even with a good teacher there is a lot of work to do.

I do hope you enjoy watching this new website grow and change, it’s been a tussle to reconstruct everything that hackers took down in recent attempts to destroy the site. Although they never actually commanded airaccordion.com all the information and files stored for almost twenty years of web posting is gone following a cleansing we had to do on the site. Thank goodness we had most of it backed up. However, if you have been like us with a number of computers and crashes, the saved material is sometimes hard to find in the old hard drives, external drives and thumb drives. Thank goodness there were no floppy discs!

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