Things are not Always What They Seem

As I mentioned before, I’ve been teaching for more decades than I like to admit. I’m still in contact with a number of my students after they’ve moved on, most notably at this moment is my very first student, Steve. His first lesson with me was 48 years ago. Now, while that is amazing what […]

Surprises and Presents Come in all Shapes

Some of the most pleasant things come as surprises. Being notified that I was included in the American Accordion Hall of Fame – Official Roster of the Federation of American Musicians, Singer and Performing Artists, Inc. (FAMSPA) February 2020 was just such a surprise. Marjorie Lerner, City Editor at Star Illustrated Magazine in Times Square, […]

Be Flexible at All Costs

Since March of 2020 certain social and distancing restrictions have been placed on all of us to stop the spread of a virus. I call this virus “the plague” because it is unreasonable and life threatening. I’m used to wearing a face mask in public but not the inability to shake hands with someone or […]

Web Pages and Musicians

I think it rather funny that in order to share my music with people I also have to be not only computer literate but also my own tech support. I do say thank you to “Learn WordPress with Chris” for the excellent teaching and ideas. Even with a good teacher there is a lot of […]