National Accordion Month – November

November brings different celebrations of the accordion and accordion family instruments. One of the accordion parties I’m very fond of is “Accordion Day” at Acme Accordion School in Westmont, New Jersey. The school is owned and operated by Joanna Darrow and features a mob accordion picture opportunity each year.

It’s that time of year again!

Planning for the NE Accordion Festival is underway! It begins during the summer but never seems to get published until October. So publish is the name of the game today. Check out the music for this year’s Squeezers Accordion Band, how diverse it is! Travel with us as we experience music from the Kursk region […]

New Accordion Ensemble Arrangements

It was a lot of fun to arrange “Music of the Night” but it was even more fun to do “Tequila”. There’s something so great about taking a standard like “Tequila” and playing it with accordions. Something a bit perverse and unexpected. Should be a crowd pleasure for the “Squeez-in” Accordion Orchestra at the NE […]

The website is done enough to publish

Whew! It’s been an adventure preparing these new pages and shifting the information. I’m excited now because I can finally start planning the workshops, concerts and above all write the new arrangements for the “Squeez-in” Accordion Orchestra. That’s my favorite thing to do!

Songs chosen for the 2017 “Squeez-in” Accordion Orchestra

It is always fun to chose the songs to arrange for the orchestra. This year I’ve chosen: Russian Cossack Dance (premiered 2007) Amor del Bajo Corrales (premiered 2008) Music of the Night (premiere 2017) Tequila (premiere 2017) I’m not sure if music can be much farther apart in nature than Music of the Night and […]

New web pages for NEAF

Working with WordPress In every new endeavor there’s a learning curve. After over a decade of using Dreamweaver I finally took the advice of my colleagues and am now using WordPress. It’s been educational, fun and frustrating but things are moving in the right direction. When these pages are done I can get down to […]